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Accomodation and activities in Utsjoki, Teno river and the arctic tundra.

We are a small family business that has provided accommodation since 1989. Our main season has been the salmon fishing season in june-august.

Cottages with 1-3 bedrooms, kitchen, sauna and living room. Peaceful and quiet place at the shore of Teno-river. Prices are 60-160€/night.

Email and bookings: info(a)

What to do in here?

Winter, time of the snow:

  • Watch northern lights
  • Ice fishing
  • Winter swimming in a ice hole in a lake
  • See the arctic tundra snow desert
  • We can arrange activities, for example snowmobile ride, guided snowshoe walk, ice fishing, ice swimming, northern lights hunting and sightseeing etc. Just ask!
  • We can also prepare seasons local food for you


Summer, time of the light:

  • See the midnight sun
  • Fish salmon in river or other arctic fishes in the tundra lakes. Fishing guides are available
  • River boat trip with a guide
  • Hiking by yourself or with a guide
  • Collect wild berries and mushroom in the forest (august-september)
  • Guided overnight trips in a tent in the tundra also possible
  • We can also prepare seasons local food for you

Teno-river that flows by the cottages is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe and the best in Finland. Salmon fishing time on Teno-river is 10.6.-10.8. We can arrange all inclusive fishing trips with a guide on Teno-river. Fishing license must be bought in advance:

How to get to Utsjoki?

  • Bus connections you find at  There is no bus connection to the cottages, nearest bus stop is at the Utsjoki village. We can help to get you from bus stop to the cottages (8km).
  • You can rent a car for example at Ivalo airport.
  • We also offer transportation service from Ivalo / Kirkenes airport to the cottages. Ask for the price.

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Pictures here

Cottage 1

Cottages 2 & 3

Cottage 4

Cottage 5